“If It Weren’t for Ron Paul, I wouldn’t be Alive Today”

October 3, 2007

Paint the town Ron: event suggestion

September 25, 2007

Like the rest of you Ron Paul supporters, I’m excited for this event!  I think it could make a huge impact on the voters as well as on mainstream media coverage of Ron Paul.  I got excited after seeing a video on YouTube of the Jacksonville Meetup group painting the town Ron and getting some great media coverage because of it (see below). 

That said, I think we need to focus on something new.  As much as I love the Ron Paul Revolution logo design, I think we need to begin focusing more on designs that state WHO Ron Paul is.  Here’s a conversation that just might run through someone’s head after having seen an RP Revolution sign:

“Ron Paul Revolution?  Coooool….who the hell is Ron Paul?” and then comes “who cares?”  and they go about their day never giving the matter another thought. 

So my suggestion is this: focus on signage that includes “for President” and the official campaign website address.  Not in small letters at the bottom, but equally as prominent as anything else on the sign. 

At this stage in the game, we can’t afford for people to not have a clue what the sign means and who Ron Paul is when they see it.  As the lady at the end of the video clip below says “I thought it was some kind of cult”.  Needless to say, that is NOT the kind of thoughts we want to implant in potential supporters’ heads!

One more thing: please be conscientious of where you hang these signs.  Don’t violate local laws or good sense!

Please, spread this post far and wide.  Get your Meetup groups talking about it before sign painting starts in a few days!

I made the switch – I support Ron Paul

September 24, 2007

Man, the creative stuff that’s coming out of the Ron Paul supporters astounds me every single day.  I found this over at Daily Paul and had a good giggle. 

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