Dr. No! Zone tubecast…signing off

September 27, 2007

We sat down last night to discuss filming the next Dr. No! Zone episode and after some amount of consideration we have decided to no longer produce the show.

We began this tubecast as a way to support the Ron Paul campaign and hoped that people would find it entertaining and useful. But of course we knew that this wasn’t just for fun. We didn’t want to do spend hours and hours on a project that wasn’t a wise use of our time in supporting this campaign. So going into this we knew we had to let the market decide whether or not it would continue. It looks like the market has decided that the show just isn’t cutting it; this can be judged by looking at the low amount of views and ratings it’s getting on YouTube in comparison to some of the other Ron Paul related video’s out there. So the market has spoken and we have taken note.

Thank you to all of those who supported us with time and material in putting this together and to all of you viewers who watched the episodes and voted or posted your comments. We are still of course 120% behind Ron Paul and we hope to make use of the many hours freed up by ending this show in new and constructive ways in support of his campaign. We will still be updating the Dr. No! Zone blog, so please continue to check in here for new updates on the campaign.

Get out there, get active, get involved in the Ron Paul revolution!!

In freedom,

Jeremy and Jamie


Dr. No! Zone, episode 2, Sept. 16 2007

September 22, 2007

We’ve finally polished and posted our latest episode.  In this episode we talk about:

* Ron Paul’s appearance at the Values Voter Debate in Ft. Lauderdale FL on Sept. 17th.

* Supporting Ron Paul on Halloween by participating in Ronpauloween. And join Ron Paul, his family and supporters during their Family Walk in New Hampshire the weekend of Sept. 29th.

Restore America to a free country once again…support the Ron Paul 2008 campaign for President!

Please take a moment and vote for our episodes on YouTube.  Tell your friends, family and MeetUp groups about the show as well.  And send us feedback if you have it!

A mistake on our first episode!

September 18, 2007

I suppose there are bound to be mistakes on any project that was inspired by a moment and put together in one long cram session of about 24 hours!  We found our first glaring error in episode 1 (no, not the fact that the video takes 10 seconds to move from black blankness to the title page; that was an editing error that we just didn’t have another 2 hours to fix before posting it).  I introduced the first clip as “campaign director Lew Moore introducing Dr. Paul to the crowd” and it should have been “campaign Chairman Kent Snyder…”.  We had footage of both gentleman speaking to the crowd and in our haste we somehow got the names mixed up.Our appologies to Mr. Snyder!

You’ve entered the Ron Paul Dr. No! Zone

September 16, 2007

Welcome one and all to the first episode of our spankin’ new tubecast called The Dr. No! Zone (click link for this episode). Biweekly I will be hosting a tubecast (YouTube) with news, video, audio clips and any notes, jokes and anecdotes I find of interest concerning Republican Ron Paul’s campaign for the 2008 Presidential Elections!Check out episode 1 for the week of Sept. 16 07; we talk about:

  • Dr. Paul’s visit to Salt Lake City for fund raising and a public rally, including exclusive video clips of his speech.
  • I propose an idea about collaborating on a Wiki page that will teach Ron Paul supporters how to switch party affiliation so that they are able to vote in the upcoming Republican Primary’s as well as how to represent your state as a delegate at the Republican National Convention. This is an important factor in getting Dr. Paul on the ballot for 2008!
  • We close out the show with a few notes about upcoming Ron Paul events across the country, as well as a few odds and ends.

If you enjoyed the show, and you want to see more each week, please take a moment to rate it on YouTube. Also, send a link out to your friends, family, MeetUp groups, fellow Ron Paul bloggers and anyone else you think might be interested in The Dr. No! Zone tubecast!We would love to hear any suggestions you might have for future episodes. We’re also interested in any video and audio clips you may have that you’d like to see included in upcoming episodes (please contact us before sending).

Also, if you’re the coordinator of a local MeetUp group, please send us details on your upcoming events; we will choose a few each episode to broadcast across the internets.One more thing…this is an amateur production using editing software we have available to us on our iBook G4. If you know of any great, cheap video editing software that might help us professionalize the show a bit more, please send us a note about it.Get out there, get active, and get involved in the Ron Paul revolution!!!