Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules

October 3, 2007

Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules

Ron Paul’s popularity bridges the gap between all groups. He is truly a bi-partisan politician. Republicans like him, Libertarians like him, Independents are supporting him as well as many Democrats who see his small government, anti-war stance as attractive.

Ron Paul is the first person in decades to have so many diverse groups support him. It is easy to see why: he believes in freedom and liberty for all. That includes the liberty to not have to go to war and the liberty to keep your entire paycheck. Only days ago he introduced the Tax Free Tips Act because by taxing tips, the IRS punishes workers for “doing a superior job.” People in this country are fed up with being lied to and stolen from. They want the war over with and they want it ended NOW.

Ron Paul is fast becoming the only candidate in either party to pledge to end the war. People in general are sick of having no power to do anything and the majority of Americans believe that things are going to get worse for them in the coming years, not better. But Ron Paul offers hope to change all of that. He is truly the only man for the people. What is so amazing that so many Democrats, Independents and Libertarians are planning on voting for him. For those of you that fall into that class, the established Republicans do not want you to do that and are changing rules as we speak to try to shut you out at the voting window.

Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries. That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a Republican candidate. Many states are doing this quickly and quietly and giving people very little time to learn about the new rules. For example, New Hampshire decided only a week ago that you will now have to change your party affiliation by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late to do so. New Hampshire also has a closed primary and only Republicans and possibly Independents will be allowed to vote for Ron Paul.

In New York, you must be registered as a Republican or you cannot vote for Ron Paul and again, you must make this decision by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late. In New York, however, Independents cannot vote for Ron Paul. Same with New Jersey and many states around the nation. I hesitate to give you a link to a site that has correct information about voting in all 50 states because I have yet to find one that does not have an error and besides, this information is changing daily, as Ron Paul gains momentum. The people in power are doing their best to shut out the multitude of voices that want to vote for Ron Paul. If you are a Ron Paul supporter, or even thinking about becoming a Ron Paul supporter, please become a registered Republican immediately so that no matter what your state does to change the rules out from under you, you will still be allowed to vote for this great man.

All of these arbitrary deadlines are designed to keep a candidate such as Ron Paul from gaining momentum and making a last minute push. Effectively, Ron Paul has until October 12, 2007 to get as many Democrats, and others to switch sides in key states like New York and New Hampshire, or they will not be able to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. That means that the people in power have shortened the Ron Paul campaign to less than two weeks with the stroke of a pen! The Ron Paul campaign now has less than two weeks to teach people about his candidacy and his policies. As of this moment, in New Hampshire you may be registered as an Independent and still vote for Ron Paul. Not so in New York. In New York you must be a registered Republican by October 12, to vote for Ron Paul (Independents cannot vote in the primaries at all). However, for those of you in New Hampshire reading this, I wouldn’t trust that come election day the rules won’t have been changed on you again. To be safe, make sure your voter registration card says Republican.

So, all of you sitting on the fence folks, the fence is about to crumble beneath you and you will not have the ability to affect the election at all. The rules are changing all over the place for Independents. Now, if you are an Independent in New York or Arizona or New Jersey and many other states you will not be allowed to vote in any primary at all. You will only be able to sit on the sidelines and watch as other people decide for you who your choices are. So get busy! Hurry up and re-register.

In another effort to stem the rising tide of Ron Paul supporters California this week just announced that they too would close their Presidential Primary, again shutting out Independents. (Despite the fact that the voters of California voted on March 26, 1996 to be make it an open primary state). So, once again, unless you are a registered Republican you cannot vote for Ron Paul if you live in California. The only good news, is that as of this moment, the deadline to change your registration is January 21, 2008. However, I would not depend on that. If it looks like Ron Paul might win, they could move that date up too. So don’t put this off.

Arizona pulled a sneaky move on its voters. Arizona is an open primary state. That means that anyone can vote in any race – except, and here is the catch, in the Presidential Primary. How can they get away with that? Because, they don’t actually call the Presidential Primary a primary at all, it is now officially called a Presidential Preference Election. So, with that new name comes new rules. Arizona actually did this many years ago, but most of Arizona’s residents are unaware of this rule. As a result, many many people who want to vote for Ron Paul will be shut out because they think they can stay Independent orparty undeclaredand still get to vote. They will be rudely met by voting proctors who will turn them away at the door.

On top of all of this, many states are moving their primaries up earlier and earlier this year so that a come-from-behind candidate had better do his coming-from-behind in a sprint. Worse yet, if you call the official Secretary of State’s office to find out the voting rules, you are likely to get faulty information. In my tiny sampling of seven calls, five of the states gave out incorrect information that if relied upon, would result in that voter not being allowed to vote for Ron Paul. The best place to get correct information is from your state’s GOP. (But do not tell them who you are planning on voting for or they may make a mistake in the information. Beware of answers that begin with “I think…” that is almost always followed by a guess and often misinformation. Make them do the work and find out the real dates.) Here is one site that has some information, but please do not rely upon it as the rules may have changed by the time you read it. It will help you find links to places to change your registration.

It is appalling that states are allowed to change their voting rules at the last minute so most people will not hear of the change. It is more appalling that when calling an official state office you are given incorrect information. It is most appalling that millions of Ron Paul voters may not get to vote for their man because they didn’t know the rules were switched on them.

So, for all of you Ron Paul supporters out there: Switch now. Hurry. Sign up to be a Republican if you aren’t already, get that official voter registration card in hand so on primary election day no one can take away your right to vote! It doesn’t matter if right now your state is an open primary state, or they claim to allow Independents to vote, they may close it tomorrow as California just did and they may give you only three weeks to make the change as New Hampshire did. Don’t take the risk. Become Republican today. I know this is not fair. I know that the rules used to be different. I know, you may not want to be a Republican but still want to vote for Ron Paul. Please don’t let your pride and their trickery get in the way of you voting for the man you want.

And remember New Yorkers and folks from New Hampshire – You have less than two weeks left. HURRY! The deadline is October 12, October 12, October 12… make that your new mantra. Please tell all of your friends.

For you Democrats out there who wanted the war to stop only to find that your party seems content on this war lasting another decade or so, Ron Paul voted against the war in the first place and would vote to stop it the minute he took office, in January of 2009. Isn’t another 15 months enough time for this war to rage on and try to end with a “win.” I know you may not want to switch parties. But think of it this way, if you do switch, and Ron Paul loses, then that will be another Republican who abandons the party come general election day, so you can have a little taste of revenge for them making you switch parties to vote for this man. How do you know that Ron Paul won’t lie and keep this war going too? You can trust a man to behave in the future the way he has behaved in the past.

Protect your right to vote. Don’t let them steal the greatest man in history away from you before you have even learned about him. Check out the to find links to many ways to learn about Ron Paul. My favorites are the Ron Paul Library link and the You Tube videos.

And they call this a democracy? Ha!

Please send this article to all that you care about. Turn this into a freedom chain letter to spread truth across the country.—-

Jennifer Reynolds, Special Contributor to

Originally published October 2, 2007 9:15 pm ET


To win

October 2, 2007

To win

Our goal is to win.

We have 96 days, maybe less.

We have one shot.


Yesterday afternoon, the Ron Paul 2008 staff came together to hear that message.  I shared it with them then.  I share it with you now.

Our goal is to win.  Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination.  Ron Paul becomes our next president.

We have 96 days, maybe less.  The first contest will be January 5 in Wyoming.  But Iowa will change its date to be earlier than Wyoming and New Hampshire will do the same. Michigan will hold its primary on January 15.  South Carolina and Nevada are set for January 19, followed by Florida on January 29.

We have one shot.  The time is right for this Ron Paul Revolution; there are many reasons why.  But this opportunity we now hold in our hands will never come again.

The future of our nation lies with us, and with the people who will soon join this freedom movement.

We have the answer:  freedom.  We have the man:  Ron Paul.  We have each other.

We have what we need to win.

Kent Snyder
Ron Paul 2008

Why the GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul

October 2, 2007

Why the GOP Must Nominate Ron Paul
posted October 2, 2007

Why must the Republican Party nominate a 72-year-old grandfather from the Gulf Coast of Texas, until the past few months little known outside his district, as its 2008 standard-bearer? Very simple: the alternative is eight years of President Hillary Clinton. That ought to be enough to get the attention of every conservative who happens upon these words, so let me explain.

It should come as no big revelation to anyone inside or outside of the Republican Party that the GOP has lost touch with its conservative roots. Massive deficit spending that would make Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter blush; foreign adventurism beyond the wildest dreams of Woodrow Wilson or Teddy Roosevelt; more big government programs than FDR or LBJ (Google “Medicare expansion” for a massive example) … the Republican Party of the early 21st century is clearly not your father’s or grandfather’s GOP.

There are no more Robert Tafts, no more Barry Goldwaters, not even any more Ronald Reagans (as imperfect as he turned out to be after reaching the White House) … except one: Ron Paul. Dr. Paul (an OB/GYN who has delivered more than 4,000 babies) is the last, best hope for the GOP to reclaim its once-upon-a-time status as the party of limited government.

It isn’t his status as the leading advocate of limited, constitutional government that makes Ron Paul a must-nominate for the GOP, though. It is true that in the long run, the Republican Party needs him to help it reclaim its spirit, and this indeed will be his lasting legacy. But, in the short run, the party needs him to win the 2008 election and save the country from another Clinton presidency that would be far worse than the first. (Unlike Bill, who was apparently mainly involved in politics to get the attention of the ladies, Hillary is a true believer in socialism; and, with a Democratic majority in Congress, she will have an excellent opportunity to expedite its widespread implementation in America.)

Fact one: Hillary Clinton will win the 2008 Democratic nomination. She is an experienced, cut-throat politician with deep ties in the party, and can take Barack Obama down pretty much any time she wants to. And John Edwards is not serious about pursuing the nomination. He is just positioning himself to be the VP nominee again, because in the wake of the 2006 Congressional elections he believes that Hillary will win the Presidency by taking a few key states where John Kerry fell short. Long story short: forget the others – Hillary is the woman to beat in 2008.

Fact two: The 2008 election will be won by the candidate who most credibly addresses the growing anti-war sentiment that has been embraced by the majority of the country’s voters. (Google “2006 mid-term elections.) 70% or more of Americans want out of Iraq, and for many of them, it is the defining issue of the campaign. You may agree or disagree, but it’s a fact and it’s going to decide the 2008 Presidential election.

If it comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. any of the “establishment” Republican candidates, she wins by default. She may have voted for the war originally, but she will continue to claim that she was misled by the Republican administration, and that we should trust her to make things right. (Of course she won’t really get us out of the Middle East mess, but Joe Six-Pack won’t figure that out until after she wins the election.)

If any of the supposed “front runner” Republican candidates (Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, John McCain, or Fred Thompson) wins the GOP nomination, Hillary Clinton is essentially a lock. Not only will she win over a sizable portion of the independent vote with her (perceived) status as “the anti-war candidate,” but – simply put – the GOP will not turn out its base in sufficient numbers to win.

Nominate Rudy Giuliani? Conservative, red-state voters are not going to turn out to support a gun-grabbing Northern liberal faux Republican who dresses in drag and is a charter member of the Wife-Of-The-Month Club. The social conservatives, along with the fiscal conservatives and the key swing voters (libertarians and constitutionalists) will either stay home on Election Day or vote third party. Rudy won’t even carry his home state, and ask Al Gore how that usually works out. Slam dunk, Hillary wins.

Nominate Mitt Romney? You get basically the same result as Giuliani without the (bogus) “America’s Mayor” 9/11 cachet. Conservatives in the South and West won’t turn out for the former governor of “Taxachusetts” who has flip-flopped on virtually every issue they hold dear. The fact that Romney is a Mormon won’t help him with the mainstream Christian base, either. He probably can’t win the GOP nomination, but even if he does, Romney is toast in the general election.

Nominate John McCain? Not gonna happen. His campaign has taken a nose dive from which it will be virtually impossible to recover. As of the end of the second quarter, even (supposed) long-shot Ron Paul had more cash on hand – and, when the third quarter numbers come in, McCain will be even further behind in the money game. He probably won’t even be in the top five on the GOP side. Stick a fork in him, he’s done. And even if he could pull off the apparently impossible and come back to win the Republican nomination, he loses to Hillary on the war and many domestic issues as well.

Fred Thompson? He’s the last hope of those Republicans who are looking for a “mainstream” candidate to save them from looming, seemingly inevitable defeat in 2008. On the surface, he appears to have more of a chance than the previously mentioned “big three.” After all, he has the “actor factor.” It worked for Reagan and, more recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger in California – couldn’t it work for Fred, too? Well, no, not this time around.

Like Ronald Reagan, Fred Thompson is reasonably good at reading a script. Unlike the Gipper, though, Fred is just awful at speaking extemporaneously. In case anyone was wondering why Thompson waited so long to declare his candidacy, it’s obvious to those who know anything about his abilities and liabilities: he wanted to avoid as many debates as possible.

Like Obama on the Democratic side, Thompson is an empty suit. He looks reasonably presentable, but sooner or later he has to open his mouth, and when he does he doesn’t say anything of substance. The less he speaks in public (especially with other candidates around to rebut him), the better for Fred. Unfortunately for Thompson, while he has so far been able to duck any direct confrontation with his GOP rivals, he won’t be able to avoid debating Hillary if he wins the Republican nomination. And about five minutes into the first debate, with no “Law and Order” writers to put words in his mouth, it will be over. Game, set, match, Hillary.

When you look at it objectively, there isn’t a single one of the “Big Four” GOP candidates who can beat Hillary Clinton head-to-head. And none of the “second tier” candidates (Huckabee, Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo, et al) have stepped up to the challenge. Really, there is only one remaining viable Republican candidate: You guessed it, Ron Paul.

Only Ron Paul can take advantage of the Internet the way Howard Dean did before he imploded four years ago. Indeed, he has already captured the Internet … the Ron Paul Revolution is already in full swing online. It sure was nice of Al Gore to invent the Net for Ron Paul supporters to take over, wasn’t it?

Only Ron Paul can outflank Hillary Clinton both to the left on the war, and to the right on everything else … which is the only winning strategy the Republicans can plausibly employ in 2008.

Only Ron Paul, who is truly pro-family (married to the same woman for over 50 years, with five children and 18 grandchildren – no “trophy wives” here) can motivate the socially conservative base to actually turn out and vote.

Only Ron Paul, who wants to eliminate the IRS (and a host of other federal agencies) and stop the Federal Reserve from devaluing our money through runaway, printing-press inflation, can motivate the fiscally conservative base to cast a GOP ballot in 2008.

Only Ron Paul can keep the Libertarians and Constitution Party members from splintering off to support their own third-party nominees rather than another neo-con, Bush clone Republican. (In fact, the 2004 nominees of the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party, Michael Peroutka and Michael Badnarik, have both already endorsed Ron Paul’s candidacy.) While the LP and CP may command only a small fraction of the overall vote, that may well be enough to turn the tide in a crucial state or two. Ask Al Gore if he could have used a few thousand of Ralph Nader’s votes in 2000….

Yes, when you look at things objectively, there are only two candidates who can win the White House in 2008: Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul. The contrast could not be more stark, nor the results for the future of America more divergent. If you are a social or fiscal conservative, a libertarian, a constitutionalist, or just a concerned independent … now is the time to consider your options and act accordingly while there is still time to affect the outcome.

The Ron Paul Revolution has begun.

Joe Dumas

Four Titanics and One Iceberg, Ron Paul?

October 1, 2007

Four Titanics and One Iceberg, Ron Paul?
Larry Fester
Published 10/01/2007 – 2:44 p.m. EDT

The Republican presidential field has four media appointed Titanics in the race, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and John McCain. All the candidates have garnered positive media attention and demonstrated fund raising ability.

Still, with the GOP nomination up for grabs these Republican frontrunners have at least one iceberg to navigate in the New Hampshire primary, namely Dr. Ron Paul, the Texas Congressman that is starting to gain momentum and may actually be expanding the GOP base in the process.

With so many primaries moving their dates up, 22 states are now up for grabs on Super Tuesday. If Ron Paul wins New Hampshire his odds of winning the lions share of states on Super Tuesday’s February 5th elections become very good, as will his likelihood of winning the GOP nomination.

Paul supports eliminating federal income taxes and the Federal Reserve which he blames for the current housing crises. Ron Paul also voted against the Iraq war and has been critical of Hillary Clinton and his fellow Republicans for supporting the war.

To many Ron Paul is known as a civil rights leader defending the Bill of Rights and the U.S. constitution at every chance. Paul gathers large crowds wherever he holds rallies across America and when he says ‘we’ve become soft on liberty’ and promises to ‘repeal the police state’ he is welcomed with chants of ‘Freedom’ by adoring supporters from all walks of life.

Ron Paul also opposes a North American Union and says he will protect U.S. borders and not allow them to be erased. Republicans and some Democrats have been critical of the Bush administration for not securing borders in the six years since 9/11.

Paul’s campaign recently did an online challenge to raise 500 thousand dollars to end the quarter strongly on September 30th. They over shot the mark and raised over 1.2 million dollars in the seven day period.

Paul activists believe that if he wins the nomination he may be re-create a Republican landslide like Ronald Reagan did in the 80s.

For the first time in a generation, Republicans have a presidential primary that has not been decided before it started. GOP frontrunners should proceed with caution because if Ron Paul wins New Hampshire, the nomination will likely follow.

IMPORTANT: New Hampshire deadline for switching party affiliation

September 30, 2007

Oct. 12 deadline to change party registration for primary

CONCORD, N.H. —Registered voters who want to change party affiliation before New Hampshire’s presidential primary have two weeks to do so.

Secretary of State William Gardner has set Oct. 12 as the last day to change affiliation. The voter checklist supervisors will meet that day to correct the voter list.

Gardner set the deadline last week when he moved up the filing period for candidates to run from Oct. 15 through Nov. 2.

New Hampshire allows same-day voter registration on election day, but people who want to switch affiliations must do so before the election. Independents can vote in either primary.

Translating Ron Paul’s Internet Success into Real Votes

September 28, 2007

Translating Ron Paul’s Internet Success into Real Votes

Daniel Carpenter
September 2007 to Election Day
Please Copy and Reprint this article.

The world has taken notice of Ron Paul’s stunning success on the internet, yet he still lags near the bottom of the pool of Republican presidential candidates. Why? And what can be done to change that?

The internet has already changed the world and its only natural that it changes old politics as well.

How can internet support be translated to real world votes? Simple (in theory) we only have to use the internet to convey the CORRECT MESSAGE. You might say “but we already do, we spread Ron Paul’s message of Liberty to every corner of the internet.” And you would be right, we do convey that message quite strongly but it is not the correct message for gaining “real” world support.

So what is the correct message? Well thats where you, every reader, can help. The message that we must spread to the four corners of the internet is one of ACTION (as opposed to Idea).

We MUST get real world bodies motivated to ACTION to vote for Ron Paul in the Primaries. He will NOT be on the final ballot without our help, and he has stated that he will NOT run as a third party candidate.

The calendar dates for each state’s Republican primary elections are still unknown. That can’t stop us. We do know that the first primaries will begin in January and February. We HAVE to start preparing humans to participate in these early elections in each of their home states, and we have to start NOW.

Your author is not the most educated on the inner workings of each state’s primary laws, however, I know that in many states these elections are open to anybody. In other states, I suspect, that you have to be a registered Republican. (please email if you can fact check me in this regard).

We have to get people prepared and convinced, that the presidential election for Ron Paul occurs earlier than November. It occurs in January and February on a state by state basis.

Let me repeat that for rhetorical purposes. Ron Paul’s Presidential Election is in January and February, not November.

If you have to be a registered Republican to vote in your state’s primary for Ron Paul, then for goodness sakes register as a Republican, now. Its a meaningless label now anyway for so many reasons, just do it.

Look up yout state’s Republican primary election rules be sure your ready.

Even if you have traditionally voted Democrat, that cannot stop you from voting in the Republican primary, either. In fact this is all the more reason.

I personally vote in both the Democrat and the Republican open primaries in my state during each presidential election. I feel it is my responsibility to do so, and I would like to convince you that it is your responsibility too.

Its a perfect theory. The primaries are big elections, but not as big as the November election. The “internetizens” have an advantage during Primary season, as a smaller portion of the voting population will participate in this round of voting, the Ron Paulites will show up en masse and have their WILL be KNOWN. We have the perfect chance to show the highest ever voting percentage for Ron Paul during this season.

The non-internet media will HAVE to respond and give Ron Paul’s idea of Liberty, and the Ron Paul movement a true voice from a podium of authority.

Ron Paul can win this thing if you and I, and the other “internetizens” believe in ourselves. There are some extremely serious grassroots organizers here in cyberspace and I hope to get this article into their hands and heads. These organizers have helped to skyrocket this phenomenon of supporting this philosopher king for President and can help organize these February Elections. You can do it.

We need more articles written up to motivate these early voters, and Youtube videos. I believe many college aged youth, who have become extremely serious about our state of affairs, are ready to come out and vote in record numbers. I also believe that these youthful supporters may have not ever voted in a Primary before, and only need some basic suggestion about getting out there and voting in it.

We can go on and on about Ron Paul’s wonderful vision for Liberty everyday until he loses and Queen Hillary (bush lite) takes the throne to extend our wars for another 8 years.. or we can carry our beer hand into the voting booth and color the little oval that says Ron Paul.

Your Choice.

Lets spread the correct message. The message of ACTION. The evidence that victory is possible is even shown on TV when Ron Paul wins every debate. In the virtual space Ron Paul is the leader. Next stop: the physical space.

The Ron Paul Revolution starts in January (otherwise it will be over by November). Lets all be ready for it ahead of time.

If you are upset about the state of our politics, and if you say you want change, and if you talk about liberty and freedom, then show your liberty to VOTE and BE HEARD. Get out there on Primary election day.

In 2008, we’ll give them the vote heard ’round the world. On your primary day, your single vote will be the most powerful single vote ever in modern United States history.

Please do your individual part to make that history possible. Keep this message alive and write your own article about this to spread the love.

Ron Paul in for the Long Haul

September 26, 2007

Ron Paul in for the Long Haul

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 –

Sources close to the Ron Paul campaign believe the Congressman’s presidential effort is going so well that he will “stay the course” all the way to the Republican convention.

While there has been some speculation that Ron Paul (R-Tex) might eventually break off his GOP run and launch a third party candidacy, that increasingly appears to be a far-fetched possibility. In fact, as Ron Paul’s fund-raising continues to see success, as his straw poll victories mount and his crowds increase, the idea of a third party candidacy recedes.

“Voting regs make it very difficult to build an effective third-party candidacy,” said one source. “Let’s focus on the success he’s had within the GOP, rather than try to build something outside of it.”

The candidate may soon announce he has raised as much as $3 million, or even more, in fund-raising in the third quarter. Meanwhile, sources said that his important New Hampshire race is looking increasingly positive. The campaign has already, apparently, begun some media buys and plans an even higher visibility in New Hampshire over the weeks and months to come.

Ron Paul may well plan to focus on New Hampshire – where he has a chance to do very well – as part of a strategy that will allow him to use his political capital to consolidate his political gains whether or not he wins the presidency. “He’s creating a libertarian-conservative movement in the GOP just the way Goldwater did,” explained one source. “No matter what happens with the presidency, the GOP conversation and priorities are going to be changed by his success – whether they admit it or not right now.”