Utah Ron Paul activist gets quoted in Sunday newspaper, front page

One of our own Utah Ron Paul activists received some great front page Sunday newspaper coverage in The Daily Herald (Central Utah paper). Here’s a quote from the article (click here to read the full piece and here to see the accompanying picture):

BYU student Dave Garber dropped six of his college credits this semester so he would have more time to organize people and events for presidential candidate Ron Paul. The candidate — a doctor from Texas — is a conservative who advocates for what he calls constitutionally limited government. He has about 30 years of experience in U.S. House of Representatives.

“I really like what Ron Paul stands for,” he said. “I think he’s just right on with the principles.”

Paul says he has never voted to raise taxes. He has voted to keep a balanced budget and is against the war in Iraq.

Garber founded a group called BYU Students for Ron Paul 2008. He had never worked on a campaign before. Today, Garber doesn’t have a paying job — he spends all of his non-school time working on the campaign, forming Ron Paul meet-up groups online, attending events and even going door to door to spread the message.”

Dave is definitely the activist to emulate here in Utah. Go Dave!


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