Ron Paul Draws Crowd, Press at NH Family Walk Rally

Ron Paul Draws Crowd, Press at NH Family Walk Rally

Saturday, September 29, 2007 –

Ron Paul drew a good-sized, spirited crowd along with accompanying regional media to kick off today’s New Hampshire Family walk. About 30 of Ron Paul’s children, grandchildren and other relatives attended the kick-off which featured a keynote speech by Ron Paul (R-Tex) himself. The speech was accompanied by cheers from the faithful – who hope that a libertarian-conservative with fidelity to the American constitution might be propelled into national prominence as a serious contender, and even the GOP nominee for president. Sources said the speech was filmed by supporters and that video clips would soon be turning up on YouTube and elsewhere.

If Ron Paul, long characterized as an outsider and disparaged as a “second tier” candidate, is to have a chance at the nomination, or even to buttress the rhetorical change (toward expressions of freedom and free-markets) that he is making within the ranks of party stalwarts, then he likely must do well in New Hampshire. It is a critical state for Ron Paul in that New Hampshire residents lean toward libertarian republicanism and many of the state’s voters are “independent” – which means they can vote for Ron Paul in the GOP primary.

The GOP presidential candidate is now off to visit colleges in New Hampshire, where the campaign hopes to attract more such independent voters – many of them college age – by informing them about Ron Paul’s political stances. Ron Paul is anti-IRS, anti-Fed and the rest of the big-government financial paraphernalia that amounts to price-fixing and a variety of unseen, inflationary taxes on average Americans. Additionally, Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate to come out firmly against the Iraq war and the current administration’s general pursuit of military adventurism around the globe. Sources close to today’s rally said that C-Span would accompany Ron Paul on some of his visits to college campuses.


One Response to Ron Paul Draws Crowd, Press at NH Family Walk Rally

  1. NH says:

    DO not believe what you read in the Globe online.

    There were more like 500-700 people there all spread out.

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