Tax Free Tips bill outreach idea

I just hit upon a Ron Paul outreach idea that I believe would go over really, really well.

Basically, create a little handout package with information on the bill recently introduced by Ron Paul called the Tax Free Tips bill, and some info on RP; not sure exactly what to put in it, but that should be easy to figure out. It needs to be quick and easy, something you can hand out easily without too much overhead cost.

Then, you order up some $1 face value copper Ron Paul Liberty Dollars. These things are beautiful and attention getting.

Then, you go anywhere where tips are taken and you hand them the info with a $1 copper RP Liberty Dollar. This could be restaurants, salons, casinos, bars, taxi’s, whatever. Imagine what these people will think. They may only give the info alone a cursory glance, but who wouldn’t stop and admire a hefty copper coin with RP’s image on it? Not only that, but imagine how many other people might see the coin when these people get home and show others the interesting and unique tip they got that day.

And you needn’t limit it to places that you happen to be patronizing. You could hail taxi’s on the street and just say to the driver “here’s some info on Ron Paul’s Tax Free Tips bill, and his run for the presidency in 2008…and here’s a $1 tip for stopping and taking this information from me”. Who wouldn’t be happy to get a free tip?

What do you all think?? The cost would be minimal: $1 for the coin (with a little added in for shipping spread across the entire order) and another $.10 or so for the paper handouts.

Am I crazy, or does this sound like it’d be a great idea?

Now, it looks like they’re currently only taking pre-orders and the coins won’t actually ship until November, but even if that makes the bill information outdated, I think you could still do some great outreach by tipping with these coins.


One Response to Tax Free Tips bill outreach idea

  1. Allan says:

    Good idea. Several years ago someone put out some business-sized cards which said something like: “This is not a tip. It is a gift.” The cards then explained the tax difference between a gift and a tip. Do you know if anyone has prepared a synopsis of the tax-free tips bill that could be used in a similar manner?

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