Lew Rockwell comments on Ron Paul’s performance at Morgan State debate


Ron Paul at Morgan State

Posted by Lew Rockwell at September 28, 2007 10:35 AM

Was the Tavis Smiley-moderated Republican debate last night the best-run, most interesting one so far? It got off to a slow start, but then it was unfailingly interesting as well as fair and balanced: much better than FOX, CNN, or MSNBC. Benito, Mitt, Fred, and McCain boycotted this African-American oriented forum (which was noted in a far more understated and therefore successful fashion than at the also-boycotted Christian right forum).

But what fun to see Ron Paul get the most applause, again and again, and to see his opponents wrinkle their noses at it. I loved Ron’s attacks on drug prohibition, the criminal injustice system, capital punishment, the war, and the costs of empire, and so did the audience.

Nuke ’em Tancedro had taken a calm pill this time, and was copying Ron’s domestic rhetoric as well. The oily Brownback said he knew what it was like to be poor, since he had once spent a night in jail–as a US senator “to see what it was like.” Sure you know what it’s like, BB. Brownback also claimed-against Ron–that Congress had declared war on Iraq, thereby continuing his lieathon. Duncan Hunter, the national socialist, was more of an authoritarian personality than usual, and less articulate than usual.

BTW, has Alan Keyes always been this much of a gesticulating gas bag? Supposedly his former college roommate, Bill Kristol, had urged him to get into the race to hurt Ron (a typically effective ploy by Kristol Jr.). So Keyes attacks him with every answer. My favorite: we must denounce Ron’s opposition to the death penalty in order to be pro-life.

But for me the most chilling moment, a peek into the cold and creepy heart of a statist, was Huckabee defending the death penalty. He killed more people than any other governor of Arkansas, he boasted, after reading the entire file, including the trial transcript, of each case (sure you did, Huck). But beware of an executioner who is not an extremely good man with a finely formed conscience, like me, he said in his best minister-voice. Clearly, like Bush, Huckabee revels in the power to kill. If he read his victims’ files, it was to salivate over them: the porn of power.

Once again, Ron Paul stands apart in decency and truth as well as political principles.


One Response to Lew Rockwell comments on Ron Paul’s performance at Morgan State debate

  1. I believe Ron Paul wiped the floor on this last debate. It is very clear that he does not hide behind the “norm” answer for these types of questions and instead he blows them away with his ideas, themes, and knowledge about the issues.

    To not vote for Ron Paul would be like not standing in line for free money! VOTE FOR RON PAUL because he is the ONLY CANDIDATE THAT DESERVES TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

    It is time for change… it is time for action… it is time for the Ron Paul revolution to take control of the White House and give America back to who it belongs to… THE PEOPLE!!!

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