Cannabis culture magazine endorses Ron Paul and…

This is probably old hat for some, but it’s news to us.  Ron Paul is being officially endorsed (along with Democrat Dennis Kucinich) for the 2008 Presidential nomination for their respective parties.  Posted below is a little blurb from their announcement; click on the link to read the rest.

For The Presidency of The United States of America, 2008
by Marc Emery, Publisher, Cannabis Culture Magazine, Congress Watch (13 Mar, 2007)

A lifelong libertarian seeking the Oval Office as a Republican, and a determined anti-war, peace candidate for the Democratic Party give the cannabis culture two important candidates to support in 2007

Two outstanding Congressmen from the House of Representatives are seeking the nomination of their parties for the Presidency of the United States in the November 2008 election.

Ron Paul, a family physician representing the Gulf Coast region of Texas around Galveston, is seeking the Republican nomination. Ron Paul was rated by Cannabis Culture Magazine as the number 1 Congressman of the last decade, far and away the number 1 Republican in the House of Representatives, and the highest score of all 435 Members of the House of Representatives in Cannabis Culture’s Survey of the 109th Congress. Ron Paul voted against The Patriot Act, the Iraq War, every aspect of the Drug War.


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