Ron Paul in for the Long Haul

Ron Paul in for the Long Haul

Wednesday, September 26, 2007 –

Sources close to the Ron Paul campaign believe the Congressman’s presidential effort is going so well that he will “stay the course” all the way to the Republican convention.

While there has been some speculation that Ron Paul (R-Tex) might eventually break off his GOP run and launch a third party candidacy, that increasingly appears to be a far-fetched possibility. In fact, as Ron Paul’s fund-raising continues to see success, as his straw poll victories mount and his crowds increase, the idea of a third party candidacy recedes.

“Voting regs make it very difficult to build an effective third-party candidacy,” said one source. “Let’s focus on the success he’s had within the GOP, rather than try to build something outside of it.”

The candidate may soon announce he has raised as much as $3 million, or even more, in fund-raising in the third quarter. Meanwhile, sources said that his important New Hampshire race is looking increasingly positive. The campaign has already, apparently, begun some media buys and plans an even higher visibility in New Hampshire over the weeks and months to come.

Ron Paul may well plan to focus on New Hampshire – where he has a chance to do very well – as part of a strategy that will allow him to use his political capital to consolidate his political gains whether or not he wins the presidency. “He’s creating a libertarian-conservative movement in the GOP just the way Goldwater did,” explained one source. “No matter what happens with the presidency, the GOP conversation and priorities are going to be changed by his success – whether they admit it or not right now.”


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