What you can do to help the Ron Paul 2008 campaign

The following article is one of the best I’ve seen to date on how to help Ron Paul win the 2008 Presidential elections.  It covers all of the important bases and then some.  I found this posted up on the Freedom Force International website, a group we have supported in the past and one we will continue to support in the future.  Read this carefully, follow the steps diligently, and then get at least 5 other people to do the same.  Pass it on! 


We are increasingly bombarded with emails and phone calls urging us to participate in mass e-mailings, petition campaigns, conference calls, and action projects of various kinds. Most of these calls-to-action have great merit, but we are overpowered by the sheer magnitude and multitude of the tasks.

In addition to the problem of limited resources is the fact that involving Freedom Force in such projects is contrary to our strategy. Our goal is to have members become active in other organization, each with its own special objectives, membership focus, and style of activism. A single organization can never hope to lead the entire population directly; but, by having its members in leadership positions within other organizations to which many people belong, it can be done quite readily. For proof of that, all we need to do is examine the CFR. It may hold conferences and publish scholarly papers advocating certain policies, but it never conducts letter-writing campaigns, petition drives, or partisan political campaigns. Its members, however, do all of those things through the organization they dominate. In this way, one percent of the population can influence the other ninety-nine. That is a highly effective model of leadership that we are well advised to follow.

A complete explanation of the Freedom Force strategy is posted to our web site here.

That being the case, you may wonder why Freedom Force features news about the Ron Paul movement and why it has a special page for that purpose on its web site. Isn’t that a contradiction of our strategy? The answer is no, and the reason is found in the following paragraph which is taken from the Strategy statement on our web site:

Freedom Force recognizes that, as long as the power centers of society are dominated by collectivists, the movement toward global totalitarianism will continue. Merely protesting that trend and issuing petitions or proclamations may slow the process on occasion but will make no meaningful difference in the long run. The only path to victory is to remove collectivists from positions of power and replace them with individualists.

The Ron Paul movement is the most important phenomenon in the United States at the present time because it holds the potential to actually remove collectivists from positions of power and replace them with individualists. A Ron Paul victory would send thousands of collectivist moles scrambling out of their burrows in Washington D.C. and, in their place, there would be a chance for men and women with traditional American values. Yes, it’s a long shot at this point, but it’s also our only shot; so we would be foolish not to pursue it with everything we have.

The role of Freedom Force is to encourage the mobilization of as many independent groups as possible behind the Ron Paul movement. We must offer inspiration and rationale for an effective Presidential campaign, and we must help to create a coalition among all of these groups so they can magnify each others efforts, but we cannot and must not attempt to be a mass-action or campaign organization. That is the task of the groups through which we work.

Some will say that Ron Paul cannot be elected because he is not well known. It is true that he is not well known, but what these nay-sayers don’t realize is that it is possible to MAKE him well known between now and election time, even without the mass media. Therefore, the best way to help his campaign is to focus on gaining wide recognition of his name and platform.

A growing number of Americans are disgusted with partisan politics, and they are increasingly fed up with both mainstream parties. This provides us with an opportunity to advance the theme that “the Party is over. It’s time to return to sound principles and restore the Republic.” This can be said in many ways, but it must be said over and over. It is a powerful concept that the average voter will embrace. For example, one slogan could be: “Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who can win for America.” If asked what that means, we should explain that other candidates may win for the Republican or Democrat Party, but only Ron Paul can win for America. Another appropriate slogan could be: “Restore the 2-party system. Vote for Ron Paul.” The possibilities are endless.

Click here for the video of my short speech at the Ron Paul rally in Mountain View, California, on July 14, 2007, where I discussed this issue.

Ron Paul spoke to supporters in Phoenix on June 10 and laid out the plan for his campaign. The first thing to know about it is that YOU are the campaign. In other words, it is up to each of us to take the initiative, to form local teams of volunteers, to generate materials, and to reach out to the voters. His campaign headquarters can provide assistance and guidance, but it’s up to us to make it work. This is truly a grass roots effort like no other in political history. It is being organized, not from the top down, but from the bottom up. Here is Ron Paul’s checklist of things to do:

  1. Get on the Internet and sign up with the campaign at http://www.RonPaul2008.com.
  2. Register as a Republican so you can vote for him in the primary election.
  3. Purchase a rubber stamp that says “Ron Paul for President” and stamp it on envelopes, invoices, memos, foreheads, and everything else you own that will be seen by others. This is an excellent way to create wide recognition for Ron Paul’s name. Stamps can be made at your local office supply store or purchased at http://www.ronpaulstamp.com/.
  4. Sign into a local Ron Paul “meetup group” on the Internet. In the Google search field, type “Ron Paul meetup” and, when the Meetup window appears, enter your zip code. That will take you to the nearest existing group. If there is none close to you, get one started. This is important, because these are the grass roots version of local campaign headquarters.
  5. Donate money to the national headquarters for TV advertising. If you sell DVDs, t-shirts, stickers, etc., use the profit to produce more promotional material and donations to the campaign.
  6. Vote in Internet straw polls to make sure Ron Paul appears favorably on the charts.
  7. Research how to become elected as a GOP delegate in your state. If we don’t have pro-Paul delegates, he won’t be nominated by the GOP, and the show is over. We must start thinking about who we’re going to tap for these roles by December. The following links connect to additional information on this important step.  http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Feature-Article.htm?InfoNo=020018.  How to become a delegate in your state: http://restoretherepublic.com/forum/index.php?board=99.0. 
  8. Keep up a steady stream of letters to editors and calls to talk radio programs emphasizing that Ron Paul is the only candidate who can win for America.
  9. Generate as many Ron Paul Republican voters as possible. Make sure everyone knows where to vote. Make sure they have a ride. Get them to commit early by offering them a button, bumper sticker, or yard sign. These are all available on the Internet.
  10. It is not too early to begin organizing committees to monitor the election to catch and expose tampering through electronic vote machines and ballot scanners. If we cannot get our local election comissions to use paper ballots that can be hand counted, then exit polls may be our only recourse. For more information and guidance on this vital process, contact Vicky Karp who heads up The coalition for Visible Ballots. She can be reached at karp@mail.com. 
  11. The primaries begin in January with the early states being Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. Naturally, we’ll want to focus all the power we can muster on those states, because that will make the greatest national impact. If we do our job right, the big-name campaigns will not be any better organized than we are – perhaps not as well. They may have the money and the media, but we have the manpower.
  12. Perhaps the greatest boost you can give to the Ron Paul campaign is to run for office yourself or convince a friend to do so! If Ron is elected, he will not be able to accomplish much without support from Congress and the Senate. Having many candidates running on a Ron Paul-like platform at all levels of government right down to City Hall will help Ron also, because it will demonstrate the wide support and respect he has. The Freedom Force strategy calls for freedom-loving citizens with no axe to grind except the defense of liberty to acquire influence within the power centers of society. Running for office on a platform based on The Creed of Freedom is the ultimate implementation of that strategy.  

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