Ron Paul in the Primaries

As I talked about on our first episode, Ron Paul needs to get the nod at the Republican Party primary’s in order to even show up on the ballot for the Presidential election in 2008.  I’m still looking for RP supporters who are willing and able to band together and create a Wikipedia resource (or something similar) that will educate people on the rules in each state concerning the primary’s.  But in the meantime, I found the following post on a Ron Paul blog called Primarily Paul (check the blogroll for a link):

Ron Paul supporters: Have you registered as Republicans?

August 20, 2007 – 7:07 amI see a lot of Ron Paul supporters out there, but I wonder how many of them have registered as Republicans so they can vote for him in the primary? How many of them know if they need to register as a Republican? Before Ron Paul can run for President, he needs to win the nomination of the Republican party, something a lot of people are forgetting.Now I’ve made it simple and have created a table listing each state, whether their primary is open or closed, and when it will be held.

So grab a stamp and envelope, print out your state’s voter registration form, and mail that puppy in. Take a bunch of stamps, envelopes, and voter registration forms to your next MeetUp. Tell everyone you know that they need to register to vote and register as a Republican so they can support Ron Paul in their primary.

Ron Paul in the primary


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