You’ve entered the Ron Paul Dr. No! Zone

Welcome one and all to the first episode of our spankin’ new tubecast called The Dr. No! Zone (click link for this episode). Biweekly I will be hosting a tubecast (YouTube) with news, video, audio clips and any notes, jokes and anecdotes I find of interest concerning Republican Ron Paul’s campaign for the 2008 Presidential Elections!Check out episode 1 for the week of Sept. 16 07; we talk about:

  • Dr. Paul’s visit to Salt Lake City for fund raising and a public rally, including exclusive video clips of his speech.
  • I propose an idea about collaborating on a Wiki page that will teach Ron Paul supporters how to switch party affiliation so that they are able to vote in the upcoming Republican Primary’s as well as how to represent your state as a delegate at the Republican National Convention. This is an important factor in getting Dr. Paul on the ballot for 2008!
  • We close out the show with a few notes about upcoming Ron Paul events across the country, as well as a few odds and ends.

If you enjoyed the show, and you want to see more each week, please take a moment to rate it on YouTube. Also, send a link out to your friends, family, MeetUp groups, fellow Ron Paul bloggers and anyone else you think might be interested in The Dr. No! Zone tubecast!We would love to hear any suggestions you might have for future episodes. We’re also interested in any video and audio clips you may have that you’d like to see included in upcoming episodes (please contact us before sending).

Also, if you’re the coordinator of a local MeetUp group, please send us details on your upcoming events; we will choose a few each episode to broadcast across the internets.One more thing…this is an amateur production using editing software we have available to us on our iBook G4. If you know of any great, cheap video editing software that might help us professionalize the show a bit more, please send us a note about it.Get out there, get active, and get involved in the Ron Paul revolution!!!


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